Vita Sexualis

Because of
the luminosity
of your body
I have to close
my shining eyes
in order not
to fall in its
shimmering light.

Because of the nearness
to the entity of my desire
my vision is blurred
by your dizzying mire.



To recognize the sea
by the sky above it
before I even see
where the sand is lit.

Melting the frozen seas
within my inner self
bring my anxiety to its knees,
put my fears on the shelf.



Staggering through life
looking for a signpost,
walking on the knife-edge
trying not to get lost.

Feeling my way around
tentatively, seeking for clues,
something to astound
among the many avenues.

But you stopped me
in my scattering tracks,
I slowly became we,
adding what my soul lacks.


Tree Life (Ents)

How do trees meet?
Do they wander
aimlessly through
the thick forest.

Do they wait patiently,
standing their ground,
biding their tree-time
slow as the universe?

Maybe the one they
are waiting for stands
right in front of them,
when love grows like mist,
but grips like iron later.



We stole two days
from our daily lives
wandering an island
under rainswept skies.

Looking at the wetlands
home to so many birds
where water and sky meet
in mutual understanding.

We walk next to each other,
every step taking us closer.